A Global Leader Specializing in SterileĀ Antibiotics

Global Presence


Steri-Pharma is currently approved for 40 countries globally which include North America, Europe, Latin America, and Asia.

As a leading pharmaceutical manufacturer in human anti-biotics, we are respected by top pharmaceutical professionals, distributors and regulatory agencies. We believe in working together towards success, with mutual trust, understanding our partner’s requirements and above all providing a quality product in a reliable fashion.

Our quality and regulatory teams consists of highly qualified personnel engaged in providing data required to assure the highest quality, efficacy and safety of our products.

At Steri-Pharma we understand that distribution of pharmaceutical products must be undertaken with a great deal of care and attention. Raw materials awaiting processing and finished products awaiting shipment are stored in modern, fully climate-controlled storage areas. We are able to meet the delivery needs of our customers thanks to our modern data and order processing systems, our inspections of all goods entering and leaving the site and the latest in transport logistics.